Festival's Scedule

The annual festival editions take place throughout seven days each: two days for the inauguration and closing of the festival and five days for stage plays and workshops. The programs include

The Main Program/Stage Performances

  • The official competition, which includes ten Egyptian and international stage plays, two every day.
  • The festival hosts two outstanding stage plays to be staged outside the competition in the inauguration and closing days and/or during the five days of the festival activities.

Workshops and exchange of experience Program

  • The Festival offers three Courses about theatre, one Course every other day, in which three women with remarkable national or international experience will be hosted by the festival. Three Egyptian women critics will discuss those theatrical women figures, and this will take the shape of an artistic lesson through which the features of their theatrical experience will be identified, in an attempt to convey such experiences to the new generations of the theater persons.
  • The Festival holds three workshops about the different theatrical professions and technologies. Each workshop is for five days. In the sixth day, the outputs of the workshops will be exhibited and special mention and participation certificates will be handed.

Other Activities

  • In cooperation with a publishing house affiliated to the ministry of culture, such as the National Center for Translation or the General Book Authority, the festival will select an outstanding book about theatre to be translated by the National Center for Translation and published during the festival’s edition as one of the official publications of the festival, with the catalogue and the bulletin.
  • The Festival holds seminars to discuss the participating stage plays after each one of them and at the same stage where it was performed. The seminar will be attended by the stage play makers and audiences, and will be conducted by a group of theater critics.
  • The Festival gives Eazees statues as monumental awards and gives special mention certificates to the best artistic elements of the participating plays.
  • The Awards are: Best stage play, best director, best actor, best actress, best scenography, in addition to the Jury award and appreciation and special mention certificates.
  • The Festival honors a number of theatre symbols every year, from among those who are interested in the expression of women’s issues, or the creative theatrical women who participated in the enrichment of the theatrical movement in general.