Why a Women's Festival?

Unlike the widespread belief that consideration of women's issues is necessarily a bias against men, women's creativity launches a different creativity sensitivity. Dealing with women's issues has an inevitable positive impact on the society as a whole.

Why Eazees ?

Eazees is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of the Moon. According to the myth, Eazees collected the severed body parts of her murdered husband Osiris to revive him and give birth to Horus, whom she will support to overcome his father’s murderer, God Seth, the God of darkness and evil. Theater is like Eazees. It collects our severed parts and gives them life, and fertilizes them with values of justice, goodness and esthetics, that is why we chose her as a feminine symbol of our festival.

Eazees International Women's Theatre Festival EIWTF

15th-21st September 2021 - Cairo, Egypt

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Until the Festival

15th-21st September 2021
Cairo, EGYPT

About Festival!

Eazees International Festival is an annual specific festival, specified in stage plays with interest in women's issues, which is an integral part of the local and international societies, and the stage plays created by women that reflect the specificity of such feminist creativity.

The festival is an event with interest in launching the issues and problematics of contemporary theater, i. e., it is mainly interested in various and developed modernist experiences, and is not just a feminist developmental festival for stage plays about awareness raising of women's problems, it is rather an artistic festival in the first place, with a feminist framework, without making feminism its main objective.

About Info

The Egyptian Actress, Abeer Loutfy, the president and founder of the festival, Announced

That the great actor Sawsan Badr was enthusiastic about the idea of the festival from the beginning and agreed to take the position of honorary president in this founding session, noting that she was chosen because she is a great star, a capable actress and a first-class theatre lady, in addition to being an icon of the shape and beauty of Egyptian women and therefore it is the most appropriate personality For a festival about the Women’s Theatre named after the Egyptian goddess Isis, the moon goddess. She added that the first session of the festival takes place from September 15th to 21st 2021, and after the name of the Great writer Fathia Al-Assal, because she is considered to be the inspiration for the idea of the festival, and if she was among us now, she would surely support the idea of a festival of this kind because she devoted her life to defend women's issues and expressed Her concerns and pains in her books and literary works, including "She and the Impossible", "Women Prison", "Women without Masks" and "Night of Henna" and others, and for this, the least honour for her is that the first session to be After her name. She pointed out that this step was delayed in Egypt a lot, as most Arab countries are interested in the theatre of women and have women festivals, so why do we not have an international festival in Egypt concerned with women's issues in general, noting that once the idea was presented to the Minister of Culture, Dr. Ines Abdeldayem, since 2018, was very enthusiastic about it and directed it to quickly finish the procedures for approving the festival and place it on the map of the Ministry of Culture. She emphasized that this festival comes within the framework of the state’s plan and plan to support the empowerment of women and the development of their capabilities, which is an essential component of the development strategy 2030, to increase the proportion of women participating in economic development, and under the patronage of Dr. Ines Abdeldayem the first woman to assume the Ministry of Culture since its foundation.

Festival Regulations

Criteria And Conditions For The Selection Of Theatrical Performances Participating In The Festival

  1. The theater show should be positively concerned with women's issues.
  2. Participating performances from outside Egypt should not have been previously submitted in Egypt.
  3. Theater Shows accepted and coming to the festival, is not allowed to refrain from performing the Show, otherwise, the Troup will not be allowed to participate in any subsequent festival round.
  4. Theater show's duration should not be less than 45 minutes and not more than 90 minutes.
Criteria And Conditions

Venue Location

The festival Events will be held on (Hanager Center for Arts - Artistic Creativity Center - Ministry of Youth Theater - Cairo Library - Supreme Council of Culture - Small Theater at the Egyptian Opera House).

Accommodation And Subsistence

The festival bears the cost of accommodation and subsistence of troupes from outside Egypt up to a maximum of 12 members. In Addition to its guests from public figures, jury committees and researchers.

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Travel and domestic Transportations

The festival bears the cost of travel of its guests from public figures, jury committees and researchers in addition to domestic transportations.

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The Administrative Structure of the Festival

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Trustees Committee

Actress/Sawsan Badr

Honorary Chair of the Festival

Actor/ Fathy Abdelwahab

Board of Trustees membership

Khairy Bishara

Film Director

Moushira Khattab


Mouchira Moussa


Abla Al Rowainy

Journalist and critic

Writer and Director/Nora Amin

Establishing consultant

Saeed Qabeel


Actor and Director/Abeer Loutfy

Head of the festival

Writer/Rasha Abd El-Monem

Festival Manager

Director and Writer/Abir Ali

Festival Manager

The Critic/Ramy Abd El-Razik

Artistic Consultant

Board of Directors

Actor and Director/Abeer Loutfy

Head of the festival

Writer/Rasha Abd El-Monem

Festival Manager

Director and Writer/Abir Ali

Festival Manager

The Critic/Ramy Abd El-Razik

Artistic Consultant

Our Partners

Lubna Muharram

Yohemonhy Al Ensan Board Director

Yohemonhy Al Ensan

Schedule Time


The announcement will be made as soon as the dates and venues of the festival are scheduled.